Little Beat

Little Beat

Kiddo, Madeline

Saturday, August 19, 2017

10:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Influenced by the sounds of Berlin, Detroit, and Chicago, Kiddo's style is a melding of numerous genres of current and classic techno and house music. Her sets may range anywhere from glitchy, shuffling micro-house to sexy, melodic tech-house to more dark and sinister techno. Lately she's been moving the dance floors with seamless techno mixes and the occasional jackin' house cut thrown in for good measure. She is known for her enthusiasm behind the turntables, connecting with the dance floor through the combination of a charismatic smile and energetic mixing.

In 2006, Kiddo held a monthly residency at Chicago's Smart Bar, where she produced showcases to introduce internationally respected techno artists to the city's dance music devotees. In addition to her regular appearances around Chicago, she has performed in Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Miami, and Detroit. In 2008, Kiddo contributed vocals to Decimal's Technicolor Lover EP on Soma Quality Recordings and hopes to revisit music production in the near future. In 2009, she traveled to Spain to perform at the world famous club Mogambo in Valencia and recently enjoyed DJing in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

As a vocalist trained in classical and jazz performance, Kiddo has sung with several Chicago choral groups when she's not behind the turntables or dancing her heart out at late-night gatherings in support of her city's vibrant electronic music scene. In her spare time, Kiddo has also acted as a contributing writer for Newcity magazine, Resident Advisor, and Little White Earbuds.
Hailing from Chicago by way of the East Bay Area, California. Madeline's DJing style draws from the far-reaching musical forms she has encountered since leaving the coast--in the record stacks at WNUR 89.3FM, and in Midwestern roots more generally. Her selections are loosely focused around iterations of house music in a vinyl-based format, though she’s always seeking new ways of incorporating her less “dancey” musical interests--from ambient to new wave, jazz to krautrock--into her sets as she develops a distinctive groove. Madeline hosts the FM Tea radio show on WNUR, where she previously served as the General Manager, and DJs frequently around the Chicago area.
Venue Information:
Double Happiness
482 S Front Street
Columbus, OH, 43215